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Photo Frames

Small Photo Frame for A First Communion Gift
Code: G278
Silver Coloured Photo Frame: A wonderful Gift for an 8 year old boy or girl on their Holy Communion Size: Length= 8.5(cm) Width= 6(cm) Depth= 2(cm)..
Small First Holy Communion Photo Frame
Code: G331
Communion Photo Frame with Chalice. Will fold a 48x70 mm photograph: Size: Length= 13(cm) Width= 10(cm) Depth= 5(cm)..
Porcelain Photo Frame Ideal First Communion Gift for a Girl
Code: G194
Porcelain Photo Frame, with grape detail around frame and chalice detail on left side: Super Gift for Holy Communion Size: Length= 11.5(cm) Width= 15(cm) Depth= 6(cm)..
Double Metal Photo Frame: Ideal Holy Communion Gift
Code: G247
First Holy Communion Double Metal Photo Frame. Available in either Boy or Girl with engraved verse: As Jesus stands beside you to listen as you pray, may He protect and guide you each and every day. Size: Length= 14(cm) Width= 21(cm) Depth= 5(cm)..
Code: G432
Glass Photoframe which takes 6 x 4 photograph which can be engraved with a Name or Date: A Great Gift for First Holy Communion Size: Length= 19.5(cm) Width= 22.5(cm) Depth= 2.5(cm)..
Code: G442
Beautiful Photoframe with beads details: Takes 6 x 4 Photographs: Beautiful First Holy Communion Gift Size: Length= 12.4(cm) Width= 17.5(cm) Depth= 2(cm)..
Code: G164
First Holy Communion Brass Photo Frame with gold cross and silver chalice and motif. Photo 6 x 4. Suitable for both boys and girls Size: Length= 15(cm) Width= 17(cm) Depth= 6(cm)..
Ceramic Standing Statue Holy Communion Photo Frame
Code: G236
White coloured 'My First Communion' Ceramic Kneeling Boy / Girl Statue at the side of the photo frame. Photo frame 11cm. Size: Length= 15(cm) Width= 11(cm) Depth= 18(cm)..
Communion Resin Photo Frame Gift for a Boy
Code: G304
Photo Frame in porcelain with Boy Statue attached. Good Communion Gift for a Boy: Size: Length= 15(cm) Width= 11(cm) Depth= 5(cm)..
Code: G441
Small Photo Frame with a place for the engravement of name and/or date: A Good Holy Communion Gift Size: Length= 8.5(cm) Width= 14.5(cm) Depth= 2(cm)..
Code: G450
Folding Photoframe with Communion Verse: For a Special Child on their First Communion Size: Length= 28(cm) Width= 17(cm) Depth= 0.78(cm)..
Communion Photo Frame in Satin Silver metal finish
Code: G308
First Holy Communion Photo frame with pewter motif with name & date panel, will hold 6 x 4 photograph: Size: Length= 20(cm) Width= 15(cm) Depth= 5(cm)..
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