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We are delighted by your interest in our website. is a very popular and successful mail order and retail outlet based in South West London. Many visitors to the site often report that they are visiting because of a recommendation from friends, neighbours and parishioners. Visitors to our retail outlet always comment on the warm, welcoming atmosphere and how happy they are with the service that they receive.

As cradle Catholics and active members of our Parish Community we benefit from personally of having been through the Sacraments with our children.

We have committed staff who work well together to ensure every customer leaves us with whatever their personal requirements are.

We are proud of our achievements over the last 20 years but are constantly seeking ways to improve. As Catholics we firmly affirm the spiritual development of our children is based on the Church teachings and on the Christian principles of love, respect, selflessness and forgiveness.

We enjoy a high level of local and UK support and we firmly believe that we have helped many families over the years during a crucial time in their lives. We hope that you find this website a useful introduction to the First Sacraments, but please email us or visit the shop in South West London if we can be of further help. We hope you will tell family and friends about what we have to offer and we look forward to helping you and your family at this special time in your family life

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