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My First Holy Communion Silver 36 page Photo Album
Code: G154
Silver 'My First Holy Communion' 36pg Photo Album with a place to engrave name. Hold 6x4 photographs: Size: Length= 17(cm) Width= 14(cm) Depth= 4(cm)..
Code: G267
Embroidered Covered Photo Album with Front Oval Photo Frame. Photo Frame 9x7 height and width. Size: Length= 18(cm) Width= 15(cm) Depth= 5(cm)..
White Embroidered Covered Photo Album
Code: G181
Photo Album with White Embroidered Cover: with gold embroidered cross, chalice, wheat and grape motif. 36 pages: Lovely First Holy Communion Gift Size: Length= 17(cm) Width= 14(cm) Depth= 8(cm)..
Code: G151
A 17 page Remembrance of My First Communion photo album, available for a boy or Girl: Size: Length= 16(cm) Width= 12(cm) Depth= 2(cm)..
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