First Holy Communion Gifts

Every gift is a reflection of the giver’s personality, but at First Holy Communion, we ensure that not only the giver but the taker also indulges in it. Well, there are a range of Holy Communion gifts that you can give to the child and if you want to gift the child in a conventional way, then we are the first choice.

We offer The Bibles and books, Crucifixes, certificate holders, Dolls, soft toys, gift bags and wrapping paper, gift sets, guardian angels, albums, photo frame, personalized gifts, mugs, pins and rosette, wooden frames, plaque and plates, to name a few. These gifts will make your child blush and are the safest way to make this event more grateful. These gifts will stand out and will surprise the child. It will definitely make the event holier and inspirational for the child. 

We are a Catholic family business with a SW London Based retail shop for Holy Communion Dresses Communion Boys Suits, First Communion Gifts, Communion Cards, White Communion Shoes, Holy Communion Veils, and Accessories for the First Communion Day.

Call our Retail Team on 020 8543 7721 Monday to Friday before 12 midday For a next day delivery of your First Communion Items.